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Google launched YouTube Music just a couple of weeks ago and it makes a lot of improvements to the company’s streaming strategy. One thing it doesn’t fix, though, is the lack of a native app for desktop operating systems. Luckily, a third-party developer is coming to the rescue.

Youtube Music Mac App


Developer Samuel Attard debuted an unofficial desktop application for Google Play Music a while back (called “Google Play Music Desktop Player), and in the time since its launch, the app has picked up over 3,000,000 downloads. The open source app has evolved over the years with Play Music itself, but now that Google is getting ready to shift all focus to YouTube Music, the app needed an update.

Control playback using your Mac's media keys. Keyboard Shortcuts. Handy keyboard shortcuts for things like liking and disliking tracks. Supports the now playing 'Today' widget in macOS 10.12.2+ Touch Bar. Control YT Music from the touch bar with buttons and scrub bar. System notifications when a new track starts. Finally 100% Ad-Free YouTube Experience. YouBlocker is the best ad blocker for YouTube as a desktop app on the market. Finally, you can listen to your favorite music and watch YouTube videos without ads. No Advertisements This is the best YouTube experience you can get. Watch your favorite videos and listen to your favorite music without ads. Sep 09, 2020. Mar 10, 2017.

With the 4.6.0 update released just yesterday, Attard has already implemented early functionality for YouTube Music within the app. Just like with Play Music, this native client runs the web client with native OS controls for play/pause, skipping tracks, and even certain tools like thumbs up/down ratings and more.

Free Music App For Mac

On Windows 10, the client works brilliantly for me so far. I’m generally a Spotify user, but after a quick download I had the app up and running and it was working immediately with my keyboard’s media controls. By default, the app still runs Play Music, but you can swap to YouTube Music by using the app’s taskbar icon.

We’ve also briefly tested the app on macOS, and it seems to work just as well when it comes to playback controls and overall functionality. Unfortunately, we couldn’t spot the option to change from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. As for Linux, we’ll update the article shortly with testing there.

Free music app for macYoutube Music App Mac Os

Youtube Music App Mac Os Catalina

The app is available for download on Windows, macOS, and Linux through the developer’s website for free. You’ll need to download the latest version, 4.6.0, to try out the YouTube Music functionality as well. To ensure the best results, it’s important to switch over to the dark theme to avoid any UI issues.

9to5Google’s Take

One of my biggest complaints about Google’s strategy with music is the lack of native apps on desktop. While web clients are (mostly) fine for Chromebooks, users who stream on a desktop computer or even a laptop want proper controls. It’s one major aspect that’s kept me a Spotify user for a long time. This app certainly seems to fill the gap for millions of users. Now, the “Google Play Music Desktop Player” just needs a new name… Help out the developer and drop a comment below or on Reddit with your ideas!


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