Video Downloader In Firefox


Looking for Firefox YouTube video downloaders Add-ons? In this article, we are bringing you the top 5 best FireFox YouTube Video Downloaders you can use.

YouTube, despite being the most famous video streaming site on the planet, is also the second most used search engine in the world. That’s right, people use it more than Yahoo and Bing. Rather than using a search engine, people go directly to YouTube and search for what they want. That’s how popular video content and YouTube are.

Now, if you are a FireFox user and looking for a way to download YouTube Videos on Firefox without any software, this guide is for you. Read ahead to know more about the Best Firefox YouTube Video Downloaders.


Flash Video Downloader. Flash Video Downloader is free and one of the best downloading tools. Jun 12, 2019. Firefox for Fire TV. Watch videos and browse the internet on your Amazon Fire TV. Made with respect. Firefox browsers put your privacy first — and always have. Get Firefox Browser for iOS. Download the Firefox mobile browser for automatic protection on all your devices. Itubego is a software that helps you to download YouTube videos. It has a built-in YouTube. Mar 25, 2020.

Youtube Video Downloader In Firefox

1.Best Firefox YouTube Video Downloaders

The official Firefox Add-ons repository has hundreds of “video downloaders” and “YouTube Downloaders”. This list should come in handy for those looking for Firefox YouTube Video Downloaders. We have personally used and tested each one of them mentioned in the list below. 🙂


Firefox is the second most famous browser in the world. It is used by millions of people every day. The beauty of Firefox is that it is open source and is getting better every single day.

Add Video Downloader In Firefox

There are thousands of Firefox add-ons available on the official repository which makes Firefox even more feature rich and powerful. Even to download YouTube videos on Firefox, there are tons of add-ons available. But which ones are really good? Here’s a list to help you out.

Video DownloadHelper

Best Video Downloader In Firefox

Don’t get misled by the fact that this add-on does not has ‘YouTube’ in it’s name. This the most popular video downloader add-on on the Firefox add-ons repository. The add-on has just under 3 Million users with an average rating of 4.3 stars (which is basically magic, if you ask me). With this addon, you can download videos from almost any web page or site including YouTube too.

Facebook Video Downloader In Firefox

Download Video DownloadHelper
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