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May 05, 2015. Collaborate for free with online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. Save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, in OneDrive. Aug 21, 2020. Software Download Home; Office. Office 2010; Office for Mac 2011.

You can download Microsoft Office 2019 free for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista 32 bit and 64 bit from this platform. Also, you can download it for Mac OS from here. This office suite is the tenth and the most latest version of specialized home and business productivity applications. officially this version was commercially published for Windows 10 on September 24, 2018.

The major user of these suites are home users, business teams, education employees, students, and government organizations to handle their daily creation, editing, management. its premiem features allows user to access to full versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote for Windows)

Microsoft Office 2019 Overview

Download the full version of MS office 19 for Windows 10. It seems like an unwilling launch from Microsoft. It has more advanced presentation features. Office 2019 full version download has the ability of extra powerful data analysis. The amazing features of this software make the users’ work easier. At a time it can be install microsoft office 2019 free on more than 1 system at the same time and it can be accessed by many users at the same at the time. You can access it from all over the world.

About the software

On your projects, you can have skype chatting with your partner. Get This microsoft office free download for windows 7 and other OS that is much secures the data that is easily accessible in the cloud storage of this software. If you have this software then you have no need to travel with the extra weight of your laptop on your back and you will be able to work on your project from any point in the world. All the files of your data save in the cloud automatically which you can access from anywhere.

What’s new?

Office 365 is the cloud-based, more than 1 users can edit the same document at a time of editing you can even see the editing as well as who is editing the document. So by using latest microsoft office free download suite, you can work collaboratively among your co-workers.

The best features of Microsoft Office 2019 is that, this is translated to 102 different languages and is a viable online as Trialware software as a service, with support for purchasing perpetual licenses for offline apps.

Features of Microsoft Office 2019

Below features of the MS office, 2019 (365) will help to increase the profitability of your team. By using these features you can create simple and consistent documents.

  • It is helpful for a chat with a colleague on the Office app.
  • It is used for the transforming of OneNote item into an outlook calendar event.
  • It has a planner which used to organize the work process of the team.
  • For the altering and converting the data in PDF, it is used.
  • For the storage of email data, it has 50 GB space.
  • It allows users to work anywhere from any device.
  • The same document can be edit by multiple people at a time.
  • For better PPT presentation, utilizing the mouse of the users as a laser pointer.
Microsoft office free download for windows 8.1

Microsoft Office 2019 System Requirements

  • Screen resolution of a minimum 1280 x 800
  • Windows 7 SP1 or above operating system;
  • The browsers used should be the latest versions
  • At least .Net 3.5; preferred 4.5 LCR
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 3 GB of available disk space;
  • A Microsoft account

For 32 Bit

For 64 Bit

This is the final version of the Microsoft Office 2010 productivity suite, one of the most historically popular and useful tools in the entire personal computing industry.

Microsoft Office 2010 Business and Home includes five of the most valuable productivity apps on the market, which are PowerPoint, Excel, Word, OneNote, and Outlook. There are additional Office apps that can be acquired through the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus suite.

As the latest version of Microsoft Office 2010, this release features several improvements and new features compared to the original version. For instance, Word's context menu has been improved with a number of changes, namely the ability to see changes as they happen in real time as you select potential options. PowerPoint presentations can now support videos, and Outlook includes a new feature that helps remove duplicate messages. Excel now has the ability to work with small color charts inside individual cells.

Microsoft Office 2010 also saw the inclusion of a text translation tool, as well as a tool for taking and exporting screenshots. Users can also apply effects to any images that are used in any documents. One of the best new features of Microsoft Office 2010, however, is the ability to use SkyDrive to save an online version of any document you create. This backup works exceptionally well and saves space on your local system.

One of the most notable complaints about Microsoft Office in the past was that the apps seemed to take forever to launch, and many of their functions slowed down the individual apps to a snail's pace. That is no longer a problem in Microsoft Office 2010. The software uses fewer system resources than older versions, and that translates to better performance and less lagging.

There are a few minor changes to the aesthetics of each app in the Microsoft Office 2010 suite, but they are relatively minimal. For instance, the contentious Ribbon interface used by Microsoft is still the primary method of selecting tools and options, but it has been redesigned with a much cleaner and simpler style. The new 'File' button replaced the old Office button, and it now shows a full pane with options to manipulate the document currently open, as well as specific information about that file.

There is no denying that Microsoft Office 2010 is the top-of-the-line when it comes to productivity suites. It has a number of improved features that make it much easier to use than its predecessors, and it offers several ways to improve daily workflows. It is the perfect professional solution for any business that needs productivity assistance. While some users might not like the presence of the Ribbon interface, it is certainly a big improvement over the original Ribbon interface, which was truly problematic.

  • Improvements in Outlook
  • Video Support in PowerPoint
  • Translation Tool
  • Screen Capture Tool
  • Faster & More Efficient
  • SkyDrive Online Document Sharing

Microsoft Office Free Download For Windows 8


Microsoft Office Free Download For Windows 8.1 Crack

  • Ribbon Interface Remains
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