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Choose iTunes installation options. You can turn the following options on or off: (a) Add iTunes and QuickTime Shortcuts to My Desktop, (b) Use iTunes as the Default Player for Audio Files, and (c) Automatically Update iTunes, QuickTime and Other Apple Software. Mar 21, 2017. Nov 11, 2019. Oct 30, 2019. May 20, 2020.

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by Jenefey AaronUpdated on 2019-07-25 / Update for iOS File Transfer

Itunes Software For Pc

Some iPod owners, especially those deep in the iOS ecosystem find it a bit of a pain when they have to sync to iTunes each time they want to transfer files to or from their iPod. Yes, iTunes is a fairly easy to use software but not as easy as the 'drag and drop' that is the mainstay transfer mechanism for iOS and Windows users. Even loyal iOS and Mac users would, for a number of reasons, love to have an iTunes alternative. Below is a comprehensive list, complete with advantages and disadvantages, of the top 3 iPod to iTunes transfer software.

1. Tenorshare iCareFone

Packed with features that go above and beyond file transfers, Tenorshare iCareFone ranks as the best iDevice transfer software, including transfer iPod data to computer, computer data to iPod, iPod data to iTunes and iTunes data to iPod, etc. And for a number of reasons:


  • Fully support to transfer songs from iPod to computer successfully.
  • A simple and beautiful UI that's a perfect blend of design and functionality.
  • File manager, dubbed Two-way Transfer, that allows transfer of files to and from your iPod to and from your Mac or PC.
  • Helps you manage a large number of your photos and contacts on your iPod without breaking a sweat including purchased songs, movies and books.
  • Delete simply by selecting and clicking on contacts, photos or other media, etc.
  • Supports the newly released HEVC and HEIC formats for videos and photos respectively.


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  • Users need to purchase the pro version for the full recovery.

Besides to transfer music from iPod to iTunes free trial on computer, iCareFone also offers you solutions to many iOS related software issues: random crashes, corrupted operating system and irritating malware like viruses and popup ads. Even more, it's a great alternative for backing up and restoring your files. Multiple solutions under one roof is the only befitting description for this service.

2. dr.fone - Transfer

dr. fone Transfer allows you to by-pass iTunes restrictions when managing your files and their transfer from/to a PC and iPod. Once connected with Android phone, the word 'Android' at the tail end of its name can be a tad misleading but it only points to an extra layer of functionality: it works with both iOS and Android devices.


  • User interface that's both easy to use and beautiful to the eye.
  • A simple three step process of connecting your device, selecting data and commencing file transfer.
  • Manage photos, music, videos, contacts among a wide range of data types.
  • Compatible with iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11.
  • Priced affordably at $39.99. For an extra $10 you get a lifetime license.


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  • dr. fone iOS Toolkit, a bundle that offers different solutions to other iOS related software issues, is feature packed but will set you back $99.95.
  • Most of the features in its full package are present in iCareFone at just over a third its price.

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3. iSkysoft iTransfer

iSkysoft iTransfer helps you leap over the high wall in Apple's ecosystem by allowing to easily, seamlessly and efficiently transfer files between your iPod and other iOS devices. No matter your problem is how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes Windows 10 or on Mac, this tool is always able to achieve that.


  • Support multiple file types such as videos, music, TV shows, music playlists, iTunes U, among others.
  • Transfer and backup photos, contacts and SMSs in bulk.
  • Offer more functionality by allowing you to manage apps: install, uninstall and backup apps directly from your computer.
  • Rebuild your iTunes library in case you lose or delete it.
  • Convert songs to playable iOS device format.
  • Compatible with iOS 11.

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  • Slow transfer speeds.
  • Priced at $49.95, it is slightly expensive.
  • Limited support of common video and audio formats. Most of which are fully supported on other iTunes alternatives.


When looking to purchase an iPod to iTunes transfer software, look no further than ease of use, compatibility and functionality. Tenorshare iCareFone checks all boxes and might be the best iPod transfer software.

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