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Apps are the heart of your new iPhone 6. You will get plus points by downloading some apps you need to your new iPhone. Make your iPhone 6 as your best device by choosing the right apps to facilitate your life, movement, relationship, and your work. All apps are available on the App store, and you will need to download them before using them. For the one who has already had an iPhone, it may be easy to download any new apps through the App store, but if this is your first iPhone then you need to learn about HOW TO DOWNLOAD APPS TO YOUR IPHONE 6. Since this is the first time you use iPhone, you’ll need a little further setting up to do with regard to your Apple ID before downloading any app on the App store. Worry not! Below we have listed all you need to do to get your iPhone ready for shopping in the App store:

Go to the App Store to download the services you know and love for your iOS devices. Quit the squint. Get the bigger picture, instantly. Link your iPhone to your PC and install Microsoft Edge to switch screens with one tap. Here’s how: Step 1. Go to Start Settings Phone and add your phone. Enter your number and select send.

  1. Tap on the AppStore icon on the home screen.
  2. Featured apps page will appear. You will see what apps are currently being promoted, either by Apple themselves or by apps developers. Tap on Categories at the top left, which breaks up the store into broadly titled, easily navigated sections. To return to the Featured apps page you can tap cancel at the top.
  3. At the lowest part of the main page you will see links to various sections of the App Store. Featured you’ve already seen, and TopChart is pretty self – explanatory – quick access to “top 40” style lists of free and paid apps for you to scroll through. Explore allows you to see the famous apps or what people nearby are downloading, which can be quite useful to help you decide your choice. If you tap on Search at the bottom will allow you to enter the name of the app you’re looking for. And the last is Updates, where you can manage your apps and install updates.
  4. Whatever you type into the box of the Search causes results to auto-fill on the page. You can see the screen shot below for the explanation:
  1. Tapping on the search suggestion opens up a results page for that search. If you want to see further information about the apps, you can tap the name of the app to see a detailed page of screenshots, reviews and ratings for that app.
  2. After you decided to install an app, tap on the free button. If there is a price button, your linked payment card will be charged for the app. If you don’t have a payment method set up, you will need to do this before downloading the app.
  3. After the Install button appeared, tap on this to start the download.
  4. You will be asked to enter your Apple ID password in the box to authorize the download, which also acts as payment authorization if the app is chargeable. You will be able to download without entering password if you have already signed in with your Apple ID within the last 15 minutes.
  5. If you have turned on the TouchID, then you may be given the option to use your fingerprint to authorize the download.
  6. You will see a blue progress indicator in the shape of circle when the app is downloading. You can pause or restart the download by tapping on this progress indicator for any reason. After the download progress has been completed, the progress indicator will change into an Open button to allow you to access the app. The app will appear in your home screen space after it has been successfully installed.
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After shopping on the App Store, press the home button to go back to your home screen. Swipe across to see your newly installed apps. But if you wish to get another app, you may go back to App Store and repeat the listed steps above.

That’s what you need to know about HOW TO DOWNLOAD APPS TO YOUR IPHONE 6. Maybe you will need any longer to download an app at the first time, but gradually you will find yourself familiar with all the steps which enable you to do it faster. This is your time to have fun with all the apps available on the store, but remember to be wise. You won’t be shocked of losing too much budget for your careless shopping way, will you?

Most of people like iPhone not just because it is expensive and has nice-looking appearance, but also user-friendly and its powerful function. Thousands of app developers have made more than a million apps and games for iOS operation system. So your iPhone 7 will turn to be very powerful when you download some apps. You can use your iPhone 7 to learn new languages, read e-books, shopping online, manage your bank accounts and so on. However, do you know how to download apps for iPhone 7? Let me show you the way. See Data from App Store, Apps Worth Buying in 2017

How to find the app you like in App Store?

Search apps in App Store


1.Open the App Store app in home screen

2.Tap the Search icon at the bottom of the screen

3.Enter the app name that you want to download

Download Apps For Iphone From Pc

4.Tap Search on your keyboard

Free Download Iphone App Store

Search apps in Top Charts

1.Open the App Store app in home screen

2.Tap the Top Charts icon at the bottom of the screen

3.Find the app you interested in from the lists of the top Paid, top Free or top Grossing apps. See Most Useful Apps for iPhone 2016

Search in Category

1.Open the App Store app in home screen

2.Tap the Category icon at the bottom of the screen

3.Find trending and spotlighted apps by selecting a specific category. See Best Photo App for iPhone

Download Apps For Iphone Free

How to download apps from the app store?

Manually download apps from App Store

1.Tap the app you want to purchase or download for free.

Download Apps For Iphone

2.Tap Get if it is free, or the Price of the app if it is paid.

3.Tap Install or Buy when the icon switches.

4.Enter your Password or use Touch ID when prompted.

5.Wait for the download to finish.

Download Apps For Iphone From A Computer

6.Press the Home button to go back to your device’s Home screen.

7.Once the app or game download and installation is complete, the gray cover on the app icon will disappear

8.Tap app icon to open and begin using it.

Automatically download apps you buy on one device onto others

If you own more than one apple device, you can download apps which you downloaded before automatically to the new apple devices. Of course, those apps have to be downloaded by using the same Apple ID and iPad- only apps cannot be download on iPhone or iPod touch.

1.Open the Setting app

2.Tap iTunes & App Store

3.Under Automatic Downloads, tap Apps to toggle the switch on

How to update apps in your iPhone 7?

Manually update apps from App Store

Apps will occasionally release updated version for fixing bugs or adding new contents. You can check periodly in App Store and update them.

1.Open the App Store app in home screen

2.Tap Updates at the bottom of the screen

3.Tap the Update button next to the apps that need to be updated.

Automatically download and install apps which need to be updated

1.Open the Settings app

2.Tap iTunes & App Store

3.Under automatic downloads, tap Updates to toggle the switch on

Download Apps For Iphone Without Apple Id

After read this article, do you know how to download apps for iPhone 7? Of course, if you learned these methods, you can download apps for any iOS devices. If you have any problem, please leave it below.

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