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When looking for the best laptop in the market, the Apple MacBook Air stands out for being light, fast, and powerful. Do not let its price prevent you from having it, because we have put together a list with the best recommended models to save money and stores with offers on cheap MacBook Air.

Apple MacBook Air 13.3' MD760LL/A (Intel Core i5 Dual-Core 1.3GHz / 128GB SSD / 4GB RAM) - Certified Refurbished. Apple MacBook Air 13' - Intel Core i3 - 8GB Memory - 256GB SSD. 10th Gen Dual-core Intel® Core™ i3 Processor 1.1GHz; 13.3' 2560 x 1600 LED-Backlit Display; 802.11 Wireless-AC + Bluetooth 5.0; Integrated 720p HD FaceTime Camera. Jun 17, 2013. Mar 20, 2020.

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Cheap MacBook Air: which one suits you to buy

Apart from finding good deals on a MacBook Air, it is important to know which model really suits your needs. This way you’ll have a better way to save money by buying a really affordable MacBook in 2019 without wasting your money on features you do not need.

The best way to save money on a laptop is not to have the latest model, but to have the best model that suits your needs. For example, you would not buy a bus to drive to work for yourself, right? So why would you buy a laptop with more than you need?

13-inch MacBook Air 2015

Best cheap MacBook Air for all use

We recommend the 13-inch MacBook Air 2015 as the best MacBook if you are looking for an economical, fast option and do not mind having the latest in Apple technology. This ultra-lightweight Mac laptop offers fast storage and better battery life than its previous model and is not far behind Apple’s new MacBook Air.

It is a great option to buy, even in 2020. In fact, the design is very similar to the latest model and many will not notice the difference in design.

If you are looking for a compact, fast Apple laptop at a good price, this will be your best option.

This is still one of the best models released to the market. You can also save up to an additional 30% by purchasing this laptop in a reconditioned condition (also known as laptop refurbished).

MacBook Air 2017

Best MacBook Air for advanced users

If you want to have the best lighter Apple notebook, and you do not care about the screen resolution or the sophisticated features of the MacBook Pro like the Apple touch bar (called touch bar), the MacBook Air 2017 best laptop for you.

Although the ways to get a very low price on this laptop are few, you can save even more on this laptop if you buy refurbished models at the Amazon Certified Refurbished store. These models have been renewed by certified technicians and usually, do not have any problems.

The MacBook Air series focuses on maintaining a lightweight, it is powerful enough to be among the best graphic design laptops.

This is because it has a 13-inch screen and a 128 GB SSD storage unit MacBook Air with a 5th generation 1.8 GHz Core i5 processor.

It is a remarkably light laptop (recommended among the best laptops to travel). This Apple laptop is more than powerful to execute applications and basic tasks in an admirable way.

It will also run more advanced applications for things like photo editing, but do not expect incredibly fast performance.

Cheap Apple MacBook Air:13 inches

MacBook Air cheaper, but with lower performance

For a long time, the 2013 MacBook Air was highly recommended as one of the fastest and most durable laptops of its time. This is still true, but we consider that it is not the best option if you want really fast performance.

That said, if you’re looking for a cheap MacBook Air for basic use (watch movies, surf the Internet or even for college assignments), this will be a good option to save money.

This ultraportable Apple model offers solid performance, although not 100% impeccable. It offers significant improvements in its storage speed with solid state (SSD), decent graphics, and very good battery life.

In summary, this model will be a good alternative for those looking for a basic Apple laptop (for example, a good laptop for students) at the lowest possible price.

Stores with deals on MacBook Air

These stores have the best deals and lowest prices on MacBook Air laptops without sacrificing their quality or condition. Remember that the best way to save money on a laptop is not to have the latest model, but to have the best model that suits your needs.

You no longer have to pay so much to have a cheap Apple MacBook when you buy on these websites.

1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the best stores to buy a cheap Apple MacBook laptop online. When you buy at Amazonyou can get great discounts and free shipping on your computer. In addition, you can save more money than buying in the store since you avoid paying sales taxes in most cases.

What we like most about buying a MacBook Air at Amazon is that they have great discounts for students, so if you want a laptop for college or for your homework and studies, you can save a lot of money when you buy online.

When you buy in this store you will also have free shipping on Amazon so you can receive your Apple MacBook computer on your doorstep without having to pay for additional charges.


2. eBay

You can start buying a cheap Apple MacBook for less than you think when ordering on eBay. In addition, you can get all accessories such as additional chargers, bags, batteries and more at low prices to buy in this store.

eBay also lets you save money by buying a new Apple MacBook computer or computer, but you’ll save more by buying a used computer from a reputable seller.

As a general rule, when buying on eBay we recommend buying only from sellers with positive feedback of 90% or more. That way you can easily buy your cheap Apple MacBook Air laptop.

3. Best Buy

Another place to get a cheap MacBook laptop is BestBuy. This web store is very popular because it is famous for its prices and big discounts on MacBook Air, as well as other Apple products.

You can also save money by purchasing a refurbished or refurbished MacBook Air on this site, as well as in the Amazon store.

When to buy a MacBook Pro

Best Prices On Macbook Air

If you really want to save money, you’ll find the most deals on a MacBook Air in the back-to-school season (even Apple stores lower their prices, though not by much).

However, the best year-round season for buying a cheap MacBook Air is during Apple Black Friday or Black Friday discounts. In 2019, Black Friday will be November 29.

Is it cheaper to buy a MacBook Air at the Apple store?

Many users have asked us if it is cheaper to buy a cheap MacBook Air laptop in the Apple store or buy it online.

Although this question changes according to the season and offers of Apple MacBook, as a general rule we can say that in our experience it is better to buy MacBook computers online.

The price you get when you buy a cheap MacBook on sites like Amazon, eBay or other sites mentioned above is usually better than the price of the Apple store because you avoid paying sales tax for this product, which can represent savings of 6. % to 20% depending on the place or country where you live.

In addition, when you buy a cheap MacBook Air over the Internet you also save on the service plan they offer you since they tend to be cheaper when you buy them online.

Where to buy a cheap MacBook at the best price

If you have more questions about where to buy a cheap MacBook Air or where to get an Apple laptop at the best price, leave us your question or concern in a comment below and we will help you find an Apple laptop at the best price.


Best Prices On Macbook Air

Similarly, if you have other stores or websites where to get a cheap MacBook laptop, leave us your recommendation below and we will analyze it to add it to our store.

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