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May 02, 2019. Jun 22, 2020. Best Buy customers often prefer the following products when searching for Mac Utility Software. Browse the top-ranked list of Mac Utility Software below along with associated reviews and opinions. Main Results. Jul 21, 2020. MacBook Air costs $999 from Apple or $900-$999 from Amazon Advertisement Small Upgrade: If you want to future-proof your laptop with a bit more power, it.

  1. Data Rescue II
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Macs are notoriously reliable computers, but even the best computers sometimes have problems: be it a hard drive crash, Mac OS X problem, or a more extensive hardware failure. Having the right diagnostic, repair, and data recovery tools can make all the difference for recovering your data and for diagnosing or resolving issues. In this article, Ryan Faas identifies and compares the five best tools for working with the hard drive, keeping your Mac running, and diagnosing problems.

Editor's Note: Ryan Faas has updated this article for 2010. Be sure to also read The Top Mac Hard Drive Utilities, 2010 Edition.

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When it comes to diagnosing and resolving problems with their computers, most Mac users rely on Disk Utility and the tools that come with Mac OS X. Disk Utility can resolve a number of problems—such as damaged hard drive directory structures and permissions problems with Mac OS X’s system files. However, Disk Utility doesn’t provide overly extensive hard drive repair and management options and it doesn’t provide any data-recovery features. Also, the tools found in Mac OS X’s Utilities folder don’t include extensive diagnostic tools. The limited capabilities of the tools that ship with Mac OS X can be augmented with a number of utilities offering advanced disk management, diagnostic, and repair capabilities. The five tools profiled here each have own particular strengths, but they all offer much greater chances of diagnosing, recovering from, and preventing major hardware, hard drive, or operating system problems.

Data Rescue II

Prosoft’s Data Rescue II is a tool that is designed to do one thing, data recovery, and designed to do it extremely well. Data Rescue II is for situations in which you need to recover critical data that has either been deleted or is stored on a damaged drive. It can work with drives that are failing because of corrupted directory structures (the most common hard drive problem) or because of physical problems with the drive.

Unlike hard drive repair tools, which work by attempting to repair or rebuild corrupted directory structures, Data Rescue doesn’t make any modifications to a drive. This enables it to have a greater chance of recovering data from a drive than the process of actually trying to repair the drive. Repairing a corrupted hard drive can often be successful, but if it fails, it can also result in further data loss. Data Rescue’s read-only approach means that it often has a better chance of recovering data than other tools.

Data Rescue ships on bootable CDs for both Power PC and Intel Macs, and it provides both an easy-to-use guided interface and an expert interface for advanced users. When attempting to recover data, it can sort available files by type, making locating and recovering specific items easier. It can be used to clone the contents of a damaged drive during recovery or to allow you to select only the files you need. The one requirement to be aware of is that Data Rescue II will require a second hard drive or partition to recover data to—this is required for its hands-off recovery approach.

If you are looking for a tool simply to recover data, there is no better tool than Data Rescue II. In fact, the ability to recover data and then simply reformat a problem drive using Disk Utility could provide consumers with a complete disk toolkit solution. The fact that it also offers you the ability to recover deleted files is icing on the cake, particularly for support professionals who often get asked to perform this type of miracle.

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Unlike other flashy apps that do nothing more than flattering you or helping you kill your time, utility apps pack some serious stuff on your iPhone. The apps actually make your iPhone usable anywhere, anytime. A smartphone is one that saves you from all troubles and tribulations. And therefore, utility apps are essential for smart users to download first on their iPhones and iPads.

Earlier we have listed many different apps in specific categories; for example personal finance apps, weight loss apps, dieting apps, etc. But the list below can be a combination of every useful app that you were looking for to make your life comfortable.

Best Utility Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020


#1. Google

You can always browse Google.com on your Safari browser integrated on iPhone/iPad, but a standalone Google app is quite handy to search for anything quickly. Invoke “OK Google” and speak your search keyword or if you want to give your fingers some toil, just type in the search query. One of the glaring features of the app is Google Now, which supplies you weather, news, and traffic details in the morning. Moreover, you can get updates on sports, events, and movies.

Price: Free

#2. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard allows you to customize your iPhone keyboard, provided you should be running your device on iOS 8 or later. The app lets you type with swiping gestures; just drag your finger around to or near the key you want; the key will figure out what you want to type. It will speed up your typing skill and make it easier for you to express yourself quickly. The downside of the app is that you won’t be able to use the dictation microphone.

Price: Free

#3. Dark Sky

Name of the app resembles any Hollywood flick, but it’s an excellent weather app. Though there is a stock weather app on your iPhone, Dark Sky can easily beat that with its precision. The app uses your iPhone’s GPS to decide your exact location; based on this information, Dark Sky sends you precise weather alerts. For example, you have to attend an important meeting, and you receive an alert that it might rain after 30 minutes, you can quickly reschedule the meeting.

Price: $3.99


You can automate your digital life with IFTTT, which means “If This Then That.” And this formula was there before the rise of the Internet of Things. The app offers you simple recipes to automate your online life. For example, if you want to save all your tweets to Evernote, create a recipe accordingly, and all your favorite tweets will be saved there. Other popular recipes are: post all your Instagrams as Twitter photos, message roommates when you are at the local grocery, share FB status updates on Tumblr or Twitter, upload videos you like on YouTube or Vimeo to a blog and countless other recipes.

Price: Free

#5. 1Password

Your digital life is highly insecure if you are careless about memorizing important passwords. If you can’t remember strong passwords, you should immediately download 1Password on your iPhone or iPad. The app remembers all your passwords and other valuable data. Apart from passwords, 1Password also helps you secure addresses, credit/debit card numbers, locker combinations, and one-time passwords. In a word, it is your digital vault, where all your sensitive information is protected.

Price: Free trial of 30 days, $3.99/monthly subscription

#6. AnyFont

Do you want to make your presentation more appealing or convincing? AnyFont can make your presentation look more dynamic.


With this app, you can install any additional font on your iOS device in OpenTypeFont (OTF) TrueTypeFont (TTF) or TrueTypeCollection. Better still, it lets you install multiple fonts at one go to make the task a lot easier. You can use these fonts in several apps like Keynote, Pages, Word or PowerPoint.

Price: $1.99
Download AnyFont

#7. Evernote

Evernote finds a place on almost all lists of really “useful” apps on the iPhone and iPad. The app doesn’t need much description as almost all iOS users must be using it day in, day out. The app is also compatible with Apple Watch, which can be synced between other devices. Evernote on your iPhone or iPad lets you be productive anywhere; write notes, checklists, and research.

Best Free Mac Utilities

Price: Free
Download Evernote

#8. SignNow

SignNow allows you to sign important documents anywhere, or you can take anyone’s signature. The app is made especially for business persons, who are supposed to sign documents while they are traveling. All you need to do is to upload a PDF, Word, or rich text document from your iPhone or iPad’s email, Dropbox, Camera and more. You can sign realistically using your finger; people won’t come to know that your signature is signed electronically.

Best Macbook Utilities

Price: Free
Download SignNow

#9. Google Authenticator

Two-step verification is Google’s security stamp. If somebody wants to access your Gmail id from any other IP address, you will receive a verification code on your connected mobile phone. So even if someone knows your Google ID’s password, s/he cannot access any of your Google property as you only know the verification code. You will receive verification code even when your smartphone is not connected to data or Wi-Fi network.

Price: Free
Download Google Authenticator

#10. Safari

Before the launch of the iPhone, browsing the Internet on a smartphone was not a good experience for users. Once Steve Jobs asserted his contempt for this in a famous phrase “baby Internet.” Safari is developed by Apple, and therefore, it fully supports all iOS devices and OS X. Users can explore all the features of Safari web browsers while using it on iPhone or iPad. Though Apple facilitates other web browsers for iPhone, the brand doesn’t allow any other engine except for Safari.

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