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With so many Mac cleaner applications offered on the market today, which one you should pick? Do you know how to pick the best free Mac cleaner?

No worries your boy Anders got you!

Last year I tested more than 15 free Mac cleaners and picked the best ones for you to choose from. Below you can pick your preferred free Mac cleaner software to speed up your Apple laptop easily and quickly.

Let’s dive right in!

Best Free Mac Cleaners

Best Free Mac Cleaner in 2020: OnyX

OnyX is the best free Mac cleaner apps and it brings a wide array of features to remove all junk files from your device. There’s a lot you can do with this cleaner app: from checking the startup disk to structuring the system files for configuring parameters in Apple applications, the cleaner provides limitless functionality.


Moreover, Mac OS X users can also perform disk cleaning and maintenance. Empty all caches and get rid of apps you no longer use. Indexes and databases are also re-built. There are no complicated commands to remember and you can do all activities through intuitive features. Just make sure you don’t delete any files unknowingly.

Titanium Software’s OnyX serves more like a Swiss-army knife to clean your device. The cleaner’s toolkit does everything from generating system reports to reindexing tools. The main emphasis of this tool is to provide advanced functionality at no cost.

This is one of the best free cleaners that provide remarkable maintenance tools to rebuild your database and run your system scripts efficiently. Thanks to its all-round cleaning tools, Mac users can easily remove cache and secure erased trash. The cleaner also offers a wide range of other Mac OS X applications, such as network diagnostics and utility, store management, and screen sharing.


What’s Good:

What’s Bad:

  • Shows a warning when performing advanced actions
  • Logs all activity executed within the app
  • Users don’t need to register before using the app
  • Very easy to use
  • Free to use
  • First-time users may take some time to figure out the cleaner
  • Could use a better interface

My Runner Up Mac Cleaners

Runner up #1: CCleaner

This is a popular utility that is designed to identify and remove all bugs and junk files on both Windows and Apple computers. But the best part about CCleaner is that it serves as a piggyback for malware. Almost all of us have heard about this cleaner, even users who don’t own a Mac computer. People who use CCleaner regularly report innumerable benefits of the cleaning tool.


This free Mac cleaner app checks your entire system to delete all temporary files and folders that are making your device slow. The app has a simple and intuitive interface so you can easily view the number and types of items that you have identified. This way you can check them before deleting.

Users love this free cleaning tool because it is easy to navigate and has a simple gray and white interface. You don’t need to have the technical know-how to run this cleaner. CCleaner is one of the top cleaning tools to optimize your Mac’s speed. The cleaner speeds up your system’s performance by freeing up significant hard disk storage space.

There is an Uninstall apps feature under the “Tools” icon. By clicking the ‘uninstall’ option, you can easily remove a program you no longer need on your system. There are a few other helpful features that allow you to repair and review app permissions. What makes this tool different from other free cleaning tools is that it clearly defines all features so there’s less confusion.

What’s Good:

What’s Bad:

  • Customizable cleaning tool for browsers like Firefox and Safari
  • Offers a clear account of how much storage space has been freed after cleaning
  • Users can pause the cleaning to start it later from the same place
  • The freeware fulfills basic needs of system cleaning and browsers, including Safari and Firefox
  • Features like uninstaller and hard drive wipe are missing

Runner Up #2: OS Cleaner Master

OS Cleaner Master is another incredible Mac cleaner that cleans every inch of your system and takes care of gigabytes of junk files in only a few clicks. This fast cleaning tool helps you maintain your Mac in perfect condition.

This free Macbook cleaner highlights what you need to clean for increasing your device’s efficiency. You only have to decide when. The tool scans everything, including chat histories, search history, caches, iTunes, duplicate files, and trash bins.

Users who have been using the incredible cleaner for eliminating junk files consider it one of the best free Macbook cleaner apps to help you remove junk in no time.

You can also use the cleaner to monitor your storage, CPU, and memory. You can also monitor valuable info about all apps including its size and version. The cleaning app also lets you check out crashed apps and the firewall status. And you can use other useful features like remove duplicate or large files and mail attachments.

What’s Good:

What’s Bad:

  • Identifies and lists iOS device backup files and broken downloads
  • Locates all the aliases files on your device
  • Does not have some features like the other cleaning apps have

Runner Up #3: AppCleaner

The last tool on my free Mac cleaner reviews list is AppCleaner, which ranks as one of the top cleaning tools. With a convenient drag and drop interface, you can remove widgets, configuration files, and all unwanted files and folders. The cleaner features a SmartDelete option, which functions when you simply drag the application to Trash. AppCleaner also finds the files associated with each application and will suggest that you delete them as well.

Another great part of this free Mac junk cleaner is its intuitive interface. There are three tabs on the top: Widgets, Applications, and Others. You can easily click on any app or widget to see the ones you can delete.

Best Free Mac Cleaner 2019

My main concern with this tool, is that although it states that it uninstalls all apps completely, you may discover broken service files or other leftovers of the app.

Mac Cleanup Apps

What’s Good:

What’s Bad:

  • One of the best free Mac cleaning software that’s also free to use
  • Features a basic interface
  • Fails to delete some apps completely
  • Not available on the Apple App Store

Best Free Mac Cleaners in 2020: Final Words

So, what is the best free mac cleaner? Well, we all like free software, but a free Mac cleanup software rarely has the same features and performance as a premium Mac Cleaner.

For example, AppCleaner which is a good free Mac cleaning software, sometimes fails to get rid of unwanted files completely. However, CleanMyMac X eliminates those same files without leaving a trace. Furthermore, other free software like CCleaner doesn’t have an ‘uninstaller’ option which makes them less functional for a thorough cleaning job.


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