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It will be easier and more economic to rent and download loved TV series and movies via BitTorrent and uTorrent client than rent or buy a Blu-ray and DVD disc.Comparing with disc media, torrent contents will be updated more in time and the popular torrent sites will offer much more content for you choosing. Only drawback is that the downloaded BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent video files can be MPG, AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, or MOV format after decompressed by WinRAR or Zip if necessary. The skimble-scamble BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent video formats aren't in favour of the later playback. Therefore, many people tend to convert all their BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent files to AVI format.

When you converted all your BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent video files to AVI format, you can watch your BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent AVI video in Windows Media Player (excluded WMP12) on your PC. It also gives you the chance to transfer BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent video library to Android for viewing on the go. If you have a home theater, you can load all your BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent AVI files to Synology NAS, QNAP NAS then play them on PS4. So it is tough to convert BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent to AVI? Can anyone finish the torrent to AVI conversion? Yes, all of you, even a man is not apt at computer can complete the torrent video to AVI conversion with a easy-to-use BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent Video Converter.

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What's the Best Torrent Video Converter used for converting torrent format to avi?

You're probably confused about which one is the best Torrent Video Converter facing with so many BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent video converting tools. Well, 'Best' is a subjective thing. When you means best uTorrent Video Converter, you maybe just want to get a easy-to-use, perfect AVI video export, fast BitTorrent Video Converter. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate will be absolutely the best choice to you.

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The intuitive and childish interface can make you easily get the entry to load your BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent video files. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate supports batch conversion so that you can add multiple BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent video files to convert to AVI by batch. It's a no-brainer to find where to set AVI format to output. When you are in the profile window, you will know that how many AVI formats you can get. Just tap AVI into the search box to see how many AVI format you can get in this Pavtube Torrent Video Converter. You can get 25 results of AVI formats!

You canc choose DivX AVI, XviD AVI for your AVI video players. HD AVI format will offer better visual enjoyment. If you have a VR Headsets that supports 3D AVI, you can convert your torrent video to 3D AVI just choosing 3D SBS AVI, 3D TB AVI format. Just pitch down the profile list, you can get Wii AVI format, Interlaced DV NTSC AVI video, Interlaced DV PAL AVI video, AVI Remux Video, HD TV USB AVI video, etc. Which AVI format to choose is determined by where to use your torrent videos.

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Besides AVI, you can see other video formats in the profile window such as MP4, MKV, WMV, etc, which means that you can organize and convert BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent Videos to MP4, MKV, MOV, WMV, etc. Another excellent feature is that you can configure video and audio encoder, bitrate, resolution, frame rate, channel, sample rate. etc to play your BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent AVI videos on devices and media players perfectly without any video audio out of sync issue, frame rate skipping, laggy, stuttering. After all, video codec, resolution, bitrate and audio codec often affects the video playback.

Although the need is rare that is importing BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent to NLE software to edit, there is still some people love to do it. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate can save you from launching another software to take up your CPU. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate has some built-in video editing function. You can trim BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent video to cut off the previous plot introduction beginning and merge multiple BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent TV series episodes to a single one file for convenient playback. You can add external subtitle and replace audio track in your BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent videos. You can cut and get a clip from your long BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent video to upload to YouTube, FaceBook, Instragram.

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Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate can make you convert torrent video to AVI on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, etc. It is designed for Windows users. If you are a Mac user, you can use the equivalent Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac to convert BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent videos to AVI for playback on Mac.

Simple BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent to AVI Conversion Tutorial on Windows/Mac

Download BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent video converter on your computer.

Step 1: Run this torrent video converter and click 'Files' to import the torrent movies. Another way to load the torrent movies is to directly drag and drop the files into the interface.

(Windows version screenshot)

Step 2: Choose AVI format in 'Format' drop-down list.

Step 3: Adjust video and audio parameters in 'Settings' as you like. If you need to edit torrent video, you can hit on 'Edit' button on the top menu.

Step 4: Press big red 'Convert' to start Torrent video to AVI conversion. A process window will pop up to show you the process bar. You can see 'Shut Down Computer After Conversion', which enables you to do other things when converting BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent videos to AVI and don't worry about the computer. In the output folder, you can locate your BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent AVI video files.

Play BitTorrent/uTorrent/Torrent AVI Video in Windows Media Player

The default media player on Windows - Windows Media Player can play AVI files (note that this doesn’t exist in WMP 12, only in previous versions).

In the window that opens, click the File Types tab. Check that Windows video file (.avi) is ticked and, if it isn’t, tick it and click OK.

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Another thing to try to play Torrent AVI in WMP is updating to the latest version of WMP. Within WMP, press Alt to show the menu if you can’t see it and choose Help, Check for updates. If this still doesn’t fix the problem you can try installing the K-Lite Codec pack, which includes all the popular video codecs for playing a variety of video formats.

  1. Spanish Torrent Sites

Find the best Spanish torrent sites of 2020. Most of these P2P or torrent search engine websites do not required registration for torrent downloading. This torrent page information is regularly updated with the latest torrent tracker page URLs and other useful information. Find yourself Spanish music torrents or movies at biggest list of Spain torrenting sites which also has many visits from Argentina and Mexico. Downloading your interested Spanish torrents and see them in local language.

Spanish Torrenting Sites of 2020
Nr.Torrent sitesURLUsersRegistr.Status
1.Mejor Torrenthttp://mejortorrent.com25MNoOnline
8.Mejor en VOhttp://mejorenvo.com3.9MNoOnline
12.Union Fansubhttp://foro.unionfansub.com1.1MYesOnline
23.Zen Torrentshttp://zentorrents.com0.22MNoOnline
25.Borracho de Torrenthttps://borrachodetorrent.com0.09MNoOnline

* Users data taken from Similarweb.com

Top Spanish torrenting websites

Spain leading torrent trackers number of pages dynamically changing monthly. The local government is trying to fight against copyright infringement. Some of Spanish torrent sites are able to keep website alive for several years without disturbing and offer movies, music and other file sharing in Spanish language also for Mexico or Argentinian torrent explorers. The majority of Spanish movie torrent sites registration is not required for Spanish torrents downloading.

Mejor Torrent

Currently the most popular torrent site for Spanish speaking visitors is Mejor Torrent. It has more than 60 thousand movies, games and Spanish music torrents with frequent updated. Smart search option will reduce torrent searching time dramatically to you. Page link: mejortorrent.com


EliteTorrent is currently 2nd most visited Spanish torrent sites with well-organized and up-to-date torrent file library. Site special voting system will give you more trust to torrent file before you even start downloading it. Page link: elitetorrent.net


Popular torrent site with Spanish interface DivxTotaL has key focus on simplicity and clean site design. This torrenting website content mostly consists of movies which can be easily browsed by genre. Page link: divxtotal.com


The biggest Spanish torrent gaming site has all popular games sorted by PC, PC4, Xbox and other gaming platforms. Latest games and other related content or updates can be found here easily. Page link: gamestorrents.com



SubTorrents torrenting site has large movie database in Spanish and English languages. You can choose you like to have and download movies in original or translated high quality sound and picture. Page link: subtorrents.com

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TumejorTorrent is of the largest torrenting site in Spain. This open website mostly is sharing movies and different series related content. It could be also one of the most comfortable Spanish P2P files sharing site in term of usability. Page link: tumejortorrent.com


DivxaTope movie torrent tracker has a lot video content in HD quality. I could be one of the good places to search for some older Spanish movies. Page link: divxatope1.com

Mejor en VO

If you are interested watch movies in original sound with Spanish subtitles and Mejor en VO could be the right places to get combination of such torrent files. Site is highly popular among different a county who speaks Spanish language. Page link: mejorenvo.com


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Newpct is a multi-category torrenting site with general most popular files currently downloaded in internet. Find games, music, movies or software content fast and easily. Page link: newpct.com

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