GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System, is a satellite navigation system that can ascertain the latitude and longitude of a GPS receiver device on the vehicle. The GPS consists of more than two dozen global positioning satellites orbiting the earth. Each satellite transmits radio signals, which can help to determine the location, speed and direction of travel of users equipped with GPS receivers.

Vehicle Tracker

•Instant overview of the position of all vehicles on map.
• List of cars, their status and current location.
• History of movement and a detailed log book.
•Set a switch to private or business trip with the possibility of hiding the private trips.
• Identification of drivers and their routes.

FSM Tools FSM series modules programming by user. Set consist of software and programming cable .

Radio Data Receiver with USB interface.

A full range of trucking and inter modal services provided by the group companies through selected and qualified sub-contractors. Ie city pick up as well as long distance truck transportation. Our client can rely on our efficient

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