GPS Tracking

Aim of Track India is not to merely display the location of the vehicle on Map, but to provide our customers with bunch of useful data in form of various Graphical Reports to better manage their vehicles. Real-time tracking provides you with detailed vehicle information, including vehicle or driver name, ignition status, location, and directional heading displayed on a full-featured map. This detailed information along with Graphical Reports helps improve business operations by providing valuable insight such as: Vehicle travel time Tracking Vehicle idle time Tracking Vehicle mileage Tracking reports

Application Areas

• School transport Tracking
Professional transport Tracking
Travel and Tour Operators Tracking
Government Municipal transport Tracking
Police Department Tracking
Industrial transport Tracking
Defense Services Tracking
Personal & Cars Tracking
* In today’s world when the competition is cut throat and every company is looking for cost cutting methods to minimize losses in the field of fleet operation, the lack of driver and vehicle visibility is a great disadvantage in successful fleet management.


• Quick view on text, with color & movement based coding, makes easy to view a group in one shot. • Quick view on Map, showing all vehicles in a group on one map. • Extremely fast Map selection, just switch between maps of different resolutions. • Automatic zoom to vehicles eliminates need to click, drag and zoom. • Map interface compatible with Google Maps. • Exhaustive Report Selection, the widest in the industry. • Standard Reports include stoppage, movement, distance reports.

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